«Avionica» Joint Stock Company is one of the recognized leaders in the field of the Russian aircraft instrument-making.

«Avionica» JSC, along with big developers and manufacturers of the aircraft equipment, is part of Avionica Concern JSC, as well as of Aircraft Engineering Concern JSC holding company established within the framework of Russian Technologies State Corporation.

The close integration between the company and Elara JSC, the biggest Russian serial manufacturer of control systems, allows to exploit maximum effectively intellectual and production potential of two enterprises. This opens new prospects for production promotion to domestic and foreign markets.

«Avionica» JSC is the modern research and production complex with high-tech principles of computer-aided design, advanced methods of aircraft control simulation and up-to-date manufacturing techniques. State-of-the-art integrated flight control systems are created using a closed technological cycle. The whole process, from the theoretical development of control laws to the output of the first product samples and ground test operation, is carried out in own test center. In this test center full-scale environmental tests of the products are performed under conditions which are as close as possible to operational ones.

«Avionica» JSC is developing and manufacturing prototypes of its products for special equipment, airplanes and helicopters of all classes and purposes by following basic directions:

  • Integrated flight control systems (IFCS);
  • Automatic flight control systems (AFCS);
  • Fly-by-wire control systems (FBW);
  • Integrated digital complexes;
  • Thrust-vector control systems;
  • Autopilots;
  • Dedicated avionics systems;
  • Electromechanical actuators for control systems;
  • Software for real-time applications;
  • Automatic components for wide application:
    • integral sensor units;
    • angular and translational displacement sensors;
    • resolvers;
    • non-contact DC motors.

The company products are used in advanced domestically produced airplanes and helicopters.

Unique product characteristics are achieved due to the development of software and algorithms for critical aircraft control systems by using up-to-date toolkits for computer-aided design and mathematical and semi-scale simulation.

For functional debugging, verification and certification of software, and qualification of control systems as in general «Avionica» JSC develops integrated Electronic Bird-type technological test benches. These test benches provide realization quality verification for specified control laws and system equipment on the basis of the model comparison method.

Real-time application software is being developed at the company in accordance with the qualifying requirements of KT-178B (analog of DO-178B), as well as with the requirements of GOST R 51904 and GOST RV 0019–001 standards that allows SW to be certified up to the A level.

The company has implemented a quality management system which corresponds with GOST RV 0015-002-2012 and GOST R ISO 9001–2015 standards.

«Avionica» JSC has licenses for the development, manufacturing and repair of aircraft equipment including military and dual-purpose products.

The company’s research and engineering activities account for about 60% of its total work content.