Aviation automation

Resolvers and synchros for aircraft automatic systems

The resolvers and synchros are developed and used in the aircraft automatic systems as sensors and receivers for the angle remote transmission systems and as angle-code converters. More than 100 product names have been designed in various embodiments such as packaged, unpackaged, contact, noncontact, single-speed, two-speed, bipolar, multipolar, redundant (duplicated and with triple redundancy) ones.

RUB aircraft control side-stick

The two-coordinate quadruple redundant side-stick for aircraft fly-by-wire control is intended for generation of electrical control signals proportionate to the stick deflection angle by pitch or roll.

Angular and translational displacement linear sensors

Angular and translational displacement linear sensors are developed and used as feedback sensors in the aircraft automatic systems and as line transformers in the computer circuits. Several tens of sensors in various embodiments, such as packaged, unpackaged, contact and noncontact sensors have been developed and operated.

IBD integral sensor unit

The IBD integral sensor unit is developed and used in integrated flight control systems (IFCS) for measuring angular rates and linear accelerations in orthogonal planes, as well as for transformation of other signals of the sensors being part of such systems.

DPR redundant angular displacement sensor

The redundant angular displacement sensor is developed for use in fly-by-wire, automatic and wheel control systems as a sensor generating electrical signal (voltage) that is proportional to the deflection angle of controls having angular displacement.

BLP-3,5-1(2) Emergency Escape Logic Unit

The BLP-3,5–1(2) unit is a part of an electrical emergency escape system for the MiG-29K(KUB) aircraft. It is intended to generate sequence of commands controlling operation of the airborne system actuating mechanisms and ejection seats in case of aircraft emergency escape.

Сommutatorless dc motors

«Avionica» JSC has developed a unified series of commutatorless motors.

On basis of the presented motors electromechanical actuators for use in aircraft automatics (servo units, autothrottle actuators, actuator units) are developed.